2014! Sounds so futuristic……yet it is the present!

Welcome to Under the Sun Design! 2014, what does it hold? Perhaps this year I learn more about creating apps…….or css……or patience with coding…..and keeping up with social media……..and digital photography effects. There is so much to do and learn about….social media is big! So big that it is uniting everyone from every continent. I look back and remember what life was like without the Internet and a computer at my fingertips. It seems strange to think I went through high school and college without a personal computer. How did we express ourselves, or didn’t we. Now we all can have an opinion and we don’t need to raise our hand to be heard, nor do we need to be the smartest kid in the class. I love it! Twitter and FB have opened up the gates of communication, with vast opinions and facts from all around the world (not to mention gossip). Hold onto your hats! 2014 is here!!! Enjoy!