Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com! This is my very first post.

I love the idea of sharing ideas especially when it comes to design. There are so many resources available these days, and it is hard to stay focused on an idea or a project. Today I finished the book, The Writer’s Paris by Eric Maisel. It was such a great book, (I read it in 2 days) and although he is writing about “writing” I believe you can take his methods for creativity and motivation and apply them to whatever your talent or trade is. One excerpt talks about taking the bad with the good. He is in Paris and sees a woman scolded for picking just the good apricots….the store clerk tells her at the sale price, you don’t pick out the good, you take the bad with the good. And Mr. Maisel goes on to apply that to writing. I think I can apply this to painting and design work as well. If you just sit back and stop designing or painting….you will never get to the good. I like this way of thinking….The bad is not so bad, because without it we cannot get to the better, and the good. There are so many great ideas to stay motivated in this book, I recommend it highly.

So take the bad with the good, and keep on creating, no matter what you are doing.